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Mobile Pay

Accept payments wherever you go by turning your smart phone into a point-of-sale terminal.

When you’re delivering products or services to homes or businesses, it’s not always practical or preferable for your customer to pay by cash, and accepting checks on faith is risky. First Data lets you turn your smart phone — the one that’s with you wherever you go — into an affordable, secure payment terminal.

Two Great Solutions

  • First Data Mobile Pay App — Once you’ve downloaded the application, a handy encrypting card reader device plugs into your Android, BlackBerry or iPhone*, enabling you to slide your customer’s credit card to capture a sale.

    > Read the setup guide
  • Web-Based First Data Mobile Pay — Purchase no additional equipment; just use the Android, BlackBerry, iPhone or iPod Touch you always carry; navigate to the First Data Mobile Pay URL; and enter and transmit the customer’s credit card number.

Save Money — Use the phone you always carry, rather than investing in a full-featured terminal. With the app version, pay lower card-present rates

Saves Time — Eliminate the need to handle and deposit cash

Fast Funding — Transactions are transmitted electronically and immediately posted

Accept payments anywhere, anytime — Drive consumer’s payment choice and never lose a sale

Secure Transactions

First Data Mobile Pay™ Solution provides secure login with user name, password and SSL encryption. Card data is not stored on your smart phone, and card numbers are truncated to keep your business and your customers safe from fraud.

For more information or to purchase this product call (800) 972-0312.

*Android app available immediately; BlackBerry and iPhone versions available in early 2012. All versions currently available for the browser-based solution.

Quick Overview

First Data lets you turn your Smart phone – the one that’s with you wherever you go – into an affordable, secure payment terminal. This Web-based solution is compatible with nearly every Internet-enabled mobile phone with a data plan– including Blackberry, Android, iPhone and iPod Touch. Simply log on to our secure Web site and key in credit card transactions.

  • Real-time transactions
  • Access to real-time, robust reporting
  • Send customer receipts via email
  • 24X7 staffed merchant support line, including assistance with equipment issues, chargebacks and more

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